Have you ever wondered why Indian B2B tech companies pause at the idea of entering the U.S. market?
It’s not just about the miles; it’s about the monumental leap in approach and expectations.

Consider this: While India accounts for 17% of the global population, it only represents a fraction of worldwide IT spending—about 37 times less than the global market! In the U.S., businesses aren’t just looking for software; they’re ready to invest in quality solutions that drive real results.

From our experience, the contrast is stark. While many Indian firms excel at crafting world-class tech solutions, they often miss out on capturing high-quality opportunities that the U.S. markets offer.

That’s where we step in. With a robust network of U.S.-based SDRs and state-of-the-art lead generation and automation tools, we bridge these market gaps.

Curious about how to confidently expand your business into the U.S. market without overcommitting resources? Let’s have a conversation about lighting up your sales pipeline with opportunities that are both rewarding and scalable.

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Working with Khizer is a real pleasure. From running experiments, working with data to understand implications and putting together marketing campaigns, we have been delighted with the results and highly recommend him.
Joshua Yunger
Since 2019, I have entrusted Khizer with all our lead generation and campaign management and he has excelled at enhancing our revenue. I was not a fan of outsourcing marketing solutions, but I have been convinced otherwise and happily recommend his expertise.
Justin Van Til
Head of Strategy, Quodd
Khizer has a deep understanding of digital marketing tools, strategies, and emerging technologies. He combines this with knowledge of your product and business to deliver results you did not think could be achieved. More than a consultant, he is a business partner who is invested in your success. I recommend him highly.
Satej Sirur
CEO, Rocketium
I've been working with Khizer for over 6 years and he's the best consultant I've ever had. He consistently produces high-quality work and is readily available to answer any questions. I appreciate his frank recommendations for my portfolio companies for long term impact. If you're looking for a solutions oriented professional, look no further.
Sandeep Balaji
Angel Investor

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